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e.g.etal: celebrating 25 years of contemporary jewellery

The place of jewellery in history has always been one of personal expression. A jewellery collection says much about the person. It can tell the story of a life.

e.g.etal is a Melbourne gallery that represents and supports Australia’s thriving contemporary jewellery design movement. Established in 1998, e.g.etal maintains a passionate commitment to contemporary jewellery. The gallery now represents over 55 Australian and New Zealand jewellery artists and designers, with occasional international guests. Over its lifetime, dozens more artists have had their work exhibited at e.g.etal. The constantly evolving collection is an inspiring selection of contemporary jewellery conceived and made by individual designers.

e.g.etal seeks to promote the essence of contemporary jewellery: a practice defined by considered research, conceptual ingenuity and intrepid technical diligence that challenges and delights, looks to the past and forges into the future…

We believe that a treasured piece of jewellery has relevance and meaning for a lifetime and beyond. These pieces are future heirlooms that will be handed down, across and up the generations.

At e.g.etal each piece is unique, but each is alike: carefully conceived, beautifully crafted and sincerely passed on.

“Jewellery can define our identity in a fragmented world, it can anchor us with reassuring traditions.”