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Cinnamon Lee

Cinnamon LeeThrough the combination of traditional gold and silversmithing techniques and computer-driven processes, Cinnamon’s work explores the intersection between technology, the machine and the hand-made. Cinnamon’s formal study explored these ideas and culminated in the completion of a Master of Philosophy (Gold and Silversmithing), which she completed at the Australian National University in Canberra. She currently works from Metalab Studio in Sydney and her work has been exhibited across Australia, as well as in Japan and the United Kingdom. Cinnamon’s work is recognisable for the geometric complexity of its structural forms; designs utilise digital processes in order to create intricate structures and patterns through the repetition of basic shapes.

Cinnamon investigates the potential of new technologies to augment contemporary jewellery and craft practice, employing 3D computer modeling to create forms that would be difficult, if not impossible, to produce using traditional techniques alone. Cinnamon’s recent rings are carefully designed to draw attention to the intimate relationship between contemporary jewellery and its wearer.


Jewellery by Cinnamon Lee