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Julia Ioannides

Juia Ioannides | e.g.etal artistJulia sees jewellery as small treasures that mark moments across lifetimes. Her Greek and Italian heritage is a constant source of exploration, often diving into the history and symbolism of these ancient cultures.

Through the use of hand fabrication techniques and lost-wax casting she aims to imbue precious metals with the markings of the gold smithing process, finding beauty in the rawness and imperfections left on the surface of the materials she works with. Like the small details of a story, Julia’s design process acknowledges the intricacies that lead to creating jewellery that captures a moment in time, a great love, meaning or memory.

Originally from Western Australia, Julia studied Fashion and Textile Design in Perth, eventually moving to Melbourne to continue her studies in Fashion Technology at RMIT. She made the transition to Jewellery and Object Design, completing an Associate Degree at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Jewellery by Julia Ioannides