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Kate Alterio

Kate Alterio

Kate Alterio is a contemporary jeweller and visual artist based in New Zealand. Through creative expression, she connects the spiritual and physical, bringing the formless into the world of form. Kate explores sacred geometry, metaphysical themes, and the tension between opposites. Working predominantly in silver and gold, she makes use of repetition, recurring patterns, geometric forms and subtle details. Kate takes a minimalist design approach to convey her conceptual ideas.

Her first introduction to jewellery was in 1997 at a night class in Dunedin. She was immediately drawn to the craft. Her passion ignited, she then moved to Wellington and met Danish goldsmith Dorthe Kristensen who mentored her for several years. In 2005, Kate set up her own workshop.

The meticulous processes involved in making jewellery are, for Kate, akin to meditative practice. Both call for presence, focus, care and patience, qualities she finds both satisfying and centering.

Jewellery by Kate Alterio