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Natalia Milosz-Piekarska

Natalia Milosz-PiekarskaAmulets, talismans and fetishes influence Natalia’s work: our innate attraction to, and subsequent projection of belief, trust, power and ritual onto certain jewellery pieces and objects. The exploration of this idea began when Natalia initially studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) at RMIT University after having studied a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at Monash University. Since then, she has lectured at RMIT University and taken part in exhibitions at e.g.etal, Craft Victoria and Object Gallery. In 2011, with the support of the British Council and the Ian Potter Cultural Fund, Natalia undertook an internship in London with contemporary jeweller, Scott Wilson.

As well as employing an eclectic range of materials and techniques in her contemporary jewellery, Natalia adopts an intuitive approach that embraces the serendipitous and the experimental. She is inspired by the animist notion that inanimate objects can be imbued with a spirit and she explores the relationship that we build with certain pieces of jewellery, as they become a point of reassurance and comfort, guidance and contemplation.

Natalia is currently working on a new collection for e.g.etal to be released in Spring 2019. For queries and commissions, please contact us