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‘Karli’ neckpiece by Daniel Serra

Daniel Derra Karli Wooden Necklace - Above

Inspired by the individual qualities of wood, Daniel Serra strives to push the boundaries of what can be created from a single block.

Conceived in response to a brief from e.g.etal to design a piece of jewellery inspired by Australian landscapes, Daniel Serra’s ‘Karli’ neckpiece is carved from a piece of solid Queensland Blackwood. Using only hand-tools, it took over 90 hours to create, and the weight of this effort is apparent in the meticulous curves and symmetry of the finished piece.


Daniel Derra Karli Wooden Necklace - Front


‘Karli’ is an Aboriginal name for boomerang. The piece appears to wrap around the body and interlock, with a recessed copper chenier housing a flex cord which enables the piece to be worn and removed. These carefully executed details reference Daniels’s background in industrial design.


Daniel Derra Karli Wooden Necklace - Detail

‘Karli’ ($3,410) is currently available in our Melbourne gallery.

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