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DRY! by Vicki Mason

Vicki Mason DRY! Exhibition - Installation

Exhibition dates: 20 February – 4 March, 2017.
Drinks with the artist: Friday 24 Feb, 5-7pm. RSVP: [email protected]

DRY! Exhibition by Vicki Mason

e.g.etal presents a succulent exhibition from contemporary jeweller Vicki Mason, exploring the resilience of plants under extreme climate conditions. Informed by her recent artist residency in Barcelona, Mason celebrates the adaptabilty, vibrancy and delight of drought-tolerant gardens. Bursts of spiky flowers sit alongside watery motifs rendered in silver, brass, linen, silk and cotton. Showy garlands of bottlebrush and splayed wattle flower brooches invite touch and play, highlighting the fascinating colours and textures of the tough beauties that inspired them.


During her research in Spain, Vicki became fascinated by the thousands of fountains and ponds that seemed to be an ubiquitous part of Spanish gardening. “The Spaniards’ poetic approach to water was inherited from the Arab desert dwellers who occupied the land centuries ago,” said Mason. “Stemming from Islamic gardening traditions, these architectural ornaments, along with channels for ferrying water, bring music and coolness to the garden.”

Vicki Mason - Water Necklace - DRY! Exhibition 2017

Mason’s ‘fountains and pools’ series taps into this visual poetry, featuring channels of cool blue powdercoated beads cascading on silk cord, while brooches repeat in geometric patterns reminiscent of Islamic tesselations.

Vicki Mason - Bottlebrush Neckpiece - DRY! Exhibition 2017

Living in a drought-prone country like Australia, Mason observes dried out lawns and sunburned plants with a keen awareness that we must think anew about how we view and use water for gardening.

At a time of reduced precipitation and climate change, Mason’s pieces invite us to think about how we can work in harmony with our environment, celebrating the preciousness of water and enjoying the unique gifts of the dry.

DRY! will exhibit at e.g.etal from 20 Feb – 3 Mar, 2017.

Vicki Mason - Wattle Flower Brooch - DRY! Exhibition 2017

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