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Journal - Exhibitions

Dancing Together | Jane Reilly & Prue Venables

Three necklaces | Dancing Together | Jane Frances Reilly & Prue Venables

Exhibition 21 Aug – 18 Sept, 2017
Launch drinks Friday 25 Aug, 4-7pm [email protected]

Engrossed in a vital life affirming need to make, Jane Frances Reilly and Prue Venables present collaborative works across the fields of metal and ceramics.

Objects of function envelop the activities of daily life, sometimes noticed and celebrated, sometimes lurking and almost invisible. Each one nevertheless holds history, thought, time, the imprint of the mind and the hands of its maker. The potter turns naturally to the vessel where a skin of clay restrains internal spaces awaiting filling and emptying as the patterns of living unfold. The jeweller more obviously interweaves memory, place, celebration and time into forms to adorn the body. Each piece of this work has developed through combinations of responses, a process that is ever evolving.

Two Necklacecs from Dancing Together exhibition by Jane Frances Reilly & Prue Venables

Etched metal forms are presented in combination with carved and pierced porcelain. The space occupied becomes porous and implied as light passes across the formerly dense and impenetrable walls. The etched coloured metal forms similarly provide links across space, outlining and containing an expanse. Connected together these elements reflect and enliven as they dance and intermingle.

This exhibition is presented as part of Radiant Pavilion and Craft Cubed.

Dancing Together Necklace