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Thinking About a Jewellery Commission?

Custom Ring Design

Commissioning a piece of jewellery is one of those rare things in life that you don’t get to do very often. Most of the time our customers either don’t realise it is possible, or otherwise don’t understand the process.

In some ways it is a leap of faith – you are trusting, through conversation and sometimes sketches, that the artist or designer has the same thing in mind that you do. When you’re not a jeweller yourself, it can be hard to imagine how your idea will come together as a 3D construction. At e.g.etal, we have been the intermediary in this process for 22 years. Designing and making jewellery the way we do is part magic, part alchemy and very much about listening and detail.

A special piece of jewellery can be a daily reminder, make memories permanent, and hold meaning for generations.

Recently, we worked with a client who had never commissioned a piece of jewellery before. He wanted to honour his late mother by having something made from an old collection of her jewellery. At first he thought he wanted to remodel one of her rings so that he could wear it. Through a beautiful winding conversation, we realised that the original design of her ring didn’t actually hold any sentimental value to him. What was of great value to him was his memories of her and how she accepted him unconditionally for who he was. The ring he commissioned referenced this in a visual language that made complete sense to him and represented what he loved and misses about his Mum.

It’s personal. It’s your own story. And only you can tell it.

Our job is to draw our your vision, but there are a few things you can think about to help start the conversation:

1. Is it for daily wear?

Think about your daily activities: do you work with your hands? Do you spend time in the garden, or lift weights at the gym? Do take your rings off regularly, or prefer to wear them all day? Whilst no jewellery is indestructible, there are some stones and metals that are harder than others, and settings that are more protected or robust. We can advise on the best materials and stones that will suit your lifestyle.

2. Do you want to include a stone?

We work with an array of stones, each with beautiful and unique qualities … some you may never have heard of! From steely grey spinels, to icy salt and pepper diamonds, glittering tourmalines and more. You don’t need to restrict yourself to the usual suspects – although we very happily work with traditional white diamonds and other well-known stones, of course.

3. What colours do you prefer?

You may not be aware of the huge array of colours and options that natural gemstones represent. Sapphires, for example, can be blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple, white, black and ‘Parti’, which is a captivating mix of colours.

Welfe Custom Sketches

4. What kind of stone setting appeals to you?

The setting can change the look of a stone entirely. From a minimal claw setting to a strong and sleek bezel, we can show you different options to see which styles resonate with you.

5. Do you like symmetry or asymmetry?

Do you prefer a roughened, handmade look, or clean and contemporary lines? Or perhaps a mix? One of our custom commission clients recently chose an organic, meandering band to sit with her contemporary clean-lined engagement ring. The combination was unexpected, yet beautiful.

6. Do you like bold or fine jewellery?

The thickness of a band can dramatically change the ring’s style. You may be drawn to finer styles, perhaps with a more romantic or delicate look. Or perhaps a wide, heavy band appeals.

7. Is there a way we can personalise it for you?

The real beauty of a commission is the ability to make the piece truly yours. Whether through engraving, a secret stone hidden on the inside, or perhaps a certain number of stones to signify family groupings. With a bespoke piece, the possibilities are endless, and we love using these personal and private customisations to give your jewellery special meaning.

8. When you look at this piece of jewellery what would you like it to remind you of?

We want you to love your piece for a lifetime. Talking to us about how you’d like to feel when you look at it or wear it, will help us realise your dream. Imagine yourself wearing it in ten years time. Imagine the story you’d like to tell when someone asks you about it, or the meaning  you’ll create when you pass it on. This is the magic of jewellery.

We would love to work with you. Our knowledge of our artists and their work means we can make the perfect connection for you. It’s often not who or what you think it will be …

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