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How to Find Out Your Partner’s Ring Size in Secret

Jewellery plays a part in some of the most incredible moments in people’s lives: proposals, weddings, anniversaries, special birthdays … and big surprises. Whenever there is a secret involved, one question pops up: how do I found out my partner’s ring size surreptitiously? We have a few tricks and techniques to help you…

1. Beg, borrow, steal

If your partner already wears a ring on the finger you intend to buy for, you can discreetly ‘borrow’ the ring and we’ll measure it on our sizing tool. Wide rings fit tighter fit than thinner bands, so if you borrow a ring for us to measure, it helps if it’s a similar width as the ring you plan to buy. Most people’s finger sizes vary, so this method will only work if the borrowed ring is worn on the finger you’re purchasing for.

2. Take a photo

If borrowing the ring poses too much of a risk of being caught, you can place the ring over a ruler and take a photo to send us. Make sure the ruler is lined up across the exact middle of the ring, so we can clearly see the internal diameter at its widest.

4. Choose an easily resized ring

Gleaning an accurate ring size without an in-person fitting is a pretty hard task. We can advise you of which rings in our collection can be more easily resized than others, so you can have peace of mind that even if it’s not a perfect fit, we can make it right.

5. Purchase a ‘Placeholder’

For surprise proposals, we often advise you to pick the ring you love without regard to size. Choose a piece that speaks to you, that says something special about your partner, and that you think he or she will adore. If the size or style isn’t perfect, you can come back to e.g.etal together and either have it resized, swap it for another ring in our collection, or commission something together.

This way, you still have the magical moment of presenting a ring without the risk. Plus, you get to enjoy the experience of coming to e.getal together. Round out the day with a special lunch at Supernormal or a drink at Dessous. We promise to make it incredibly special for you both.

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