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In Conversation with Kate Alterio


In welcoming her new collection ‘Still Point Between World’s’ Kate reveals her conceptualisation and approach to this ethereal body of work.

We’re excited to see your collection including so many beautiful pearls, what drew you to this material, had you always planned to work with them?

I was drawn to the luminous, organic and ethereal nature of pearls. My silver work is often very precise and controlled. I wanted to bring together these two contrasting forms to try and create a sense of harmony. When planning a collection I usually start with a concept. In this series, the dual nature of the human experience. I then think about how I can portray that visually. Marrying pearls with silver and gold forms seemed a natural way to explore duality and the tension between opposites.

The soft pearls complement the linework in your pieces so beautifully, what is it about this play in duality that inspires you?

The concept of duality has underpinned much of my work for over a decade. I often reflect on the paradoxical aspects within this world and seek to discover new approaches to explore this theme. The luminosity of the pearls make them somewhat heavenly and the silver and gold elements reflect the solidity of material world. The possibility of integrating these opposing forms in harmonious and balanced ways inspired me to create this collection.

In Conversation - Kate Alterio necklace

What have been some of your main considerations when developing this new work?

When making a new collection I like each work to stand alone but also be part of a larger family, each piece singing its own note but together creating a song. Working with this intention helps me add, refine and delete aspects when necessary.

I wanted to use silver, gold and pearls in ways that showed their individual beauty, illustrating their differences, but allowing them to come together to create wholeness, reflecting a deeper sentiment about life and the contrasting aspects we as humans experience.

In Conversation - Kate Alterio earrings

Were there any key challenges in creating these pieces?

In previous years my collections have been quite bold and strong. This new direction is more feminine, delicate and ethereal. It took me some time to override the impulse to make the work more masculine and enable the softer feminine aesthetic to come forward.

What do you hope people enjoy or discover from seeing and wearing your work?

For me, the process of creating is meditative as it requires my full presence. It’s important to me to imbue each piece with this energy as I believe the timbre of the creative process can be felt in the completed work. If this imprint brings a sense of peace, joy or stillness to people then I feel I’ve created something of meaning and value.

You can view Kate’s new collection ‘Still Point Between Worlds’ here.