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Coming soon: Inimitable

Inimitable Group - Black & Gold - Closer

Launching November 13, 2017, e.g.etal’s ‘Inimitable’ jewellery collection is defined by the spark of the unpredictable.

In an era where everything seems to be replicated at a global level, this collection showcases artists who have developed processes that rely on the beauty of intentional randomness. Through years of research and practice, these artists have developed their own unique approach to the crafting of special jewellery pieces.

In each case, the artist is taking a chance. The skilled hand of a jeweller stewards the piece, but at a certain point fate takes over, creating a one of a kind object that – by its very nature – can never be exactly replicated.

‘Inimitable’ will be celebrated at a special event on Friday 17 November at 5pm. To attend, email [email protected]

Carl Noonan creates rings by casting precious metals into a cobalt skeleton. The metal appears to float and pool inside the ring, marked by a jagged transition into negative space.

Julia Storey fuses layers of gold to produce a patchwork of metal reminiscent of a Klimt painting, or an aerial landscape.

Welfe Bowyer employs an experimental double casting method that fuses metals together without solder, highlighting the material differences within the object.

Anita Crowther cuts and polishes all her own stones and minerals, allowing the unpredictability of what is revealed in her cuts to dictate her finished work.  

Vikki Kassioras creates chains that are hand-fused. Each strip of metal is rounded into a link and heated carefully to meld the silver together, like a child making a paper chain. This process can only be controlled to a certain extent, so every chain and every link is different.

Jill Hermans uses a copper-silver metal alloy called shibuichi. As the artist heats the metal with a blowtorch, vivid and unpredictable colours are created. The effect varies depending on the intensity of the heat and the time taken.

Inimitable Group - Colour