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Journal: Amy Renshaw – Colour Inspiration

Amy Renshaw - Pastel Series - Earrings - Resized

Pastel earrings (silver, enamel paint)


Colour has been a feature in my work over many years, through a varied range of materials and techniques. Generally I keep the colour palatte fairly contained, with just a few colours, but lately I have been exploring a far more diverse colour palette.

I use coloured acrylic, resin and enamel paint combined with gold and silver. Combing colour with precious metal allows the coloured material to takes on a different quality and gives it a sense of preciousness.

Amy Renshaw - Trinket Neckpiece - Round

Trinket neckpiece (silver, red enamel paint)

Amy Renshaw - Trinket Neckpiece - Oval

Trinket neckpiece (silver, red enamel paint)

Recently I have been making pieces with handcarved coloured perspex, and bright sparkly materials. I’ve had great fun making these vibrant pieces, explorating new shapes and new techniques.


Amy Renshaw - Evergreen - Earrings - Resized

Ever Green Glitter earrings (silver, glitter)

My precious work (engagement and wedding rings) also combines colour. Rather than acrylics I choose to use coloured gem stones, selecting sapphires, rubies and diamonds for their strength and durabilty. The rich variety of coloured stones available allows me to continue my exploration of colour in a very different way. Designing specifically for a client and choosing stones based on colour and vibrance. My particular favourites are sapphires for the variety of colour hues, and rubies for their warm rich vibrant red and pinks.

The exploration of colour will continue in my future pieces, with a changing variety of materials and precious stones. Colour is a constant and ever changing source of inspiration for my designs.

My friend & I - Ring - Sapphire

My Friend & I ring (18ct yellow gold, Ceylon sapphires)

8. Amy Renshaw - My Friend & I - Ring - Ruby

My Friend & I ring (18ct yellow gold, rubies)


Polka Dot ring (18ct yellow gold, Ceylon saphhire, diamonds)

Amy Renshaw - Polka Dot Rings - Ruby

Polka Dot ring (18ct yellow gold, ruby, diamonds)

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