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Meet our Guest Curator: Megan Morton

Megan Morton


Stylist, author and educator Megan Morton creates atmospheres that make people obscenely happy. A leader in her field, Megan’s popularity can be attributed to her love of unconventional colour and strong imagery. The fashion, food and art fraternity trust her inimitable style and as a result, she has styled and shot the homes of many celebrated Australians. She’s the author of award-winning books (six awards for ‘Things I Love’ alone) and her love project The School is now a globally reaching classroom that connects people with their passions, taught by the truly passionate.


Styling by Megan Morton. Photography by Annabelle Hickson. Jewellery by Yuko Fujiya, Vicki Mason and Katheryn Leopoldseder.


Megan’s astute eye also extends beyond the home. With a love of statement jewellery, Megan’s style is colourful and bold, but she is most inspired by the designer’s intention.

“I really appreciate when the artist has decided to work with the material to harmonise it, not contrast too heavily or make a loud statement,” said Megan. “I am drawn to feature earrings, cocktail rings and arm candy like gin is to tonic because I have always appreciated seeing these pieces on other women. A women with an open neck and the right length earrings can easily be the most becoming woman in a room because it all sways in the right way. This is why I adore jewellery.”

Megan Mortong Styling Jewellery
Styling by Megan Morton. Photography by Annabelle Hickson. Necklace by Kathryn Wardill.


Megan’s travels have also expanded her understanding of the cultural and personal significance of adornment: “Having recently been to Africa and travelled a lot to India I am really appreciating jewellery’s meaning. I feel I am entering another phase of my appreciation that includes historical, cultural and geographical factors.”

For her curated collection, we asked Megan to select some of her favourite jewellery pieces made by e.g.etal artists. “It took some time to settle on my choices because the stylist in me with the big greedy eyes loves so much. In the cold light of day I would love to own every single piece.”

Megan imagines her chosen jewellery pieces on the body, and is immediately able to conjure up the wearer and her look.

Secrets - Small Bangle - Daniel Serra - Front

“Each one would work so beautifully as a single gesture. This incredible wooden cuff by Daniel Serra, with nails painted the colour of a manilla folder and black vintage Geoffry Beene would be so beautiful. Or a rose gold thin bangle by Krista McRae, but worn one on each wrist with white on white vintage Alaia. Or the thought of wearing two pearl rings, one an organic rice bubble form and the other perfectly round, in the summer,” said Megan.

Megan was drawn to Lauren Trojkovic’s Mandarin corian drop earrings for their “Zsa Zsa Gabor proportions” and the bright flash of orange that lights up the wearer’s face. “They are so cleverly done with unpretentious materials.”

Conversely, Megan loves the quiet simplicity of Luke Rose’ gold Drop Bar Ring. “I love hands, and I imagine someone with very beautiful and well kept hands wearing this, as the little slither of gold bobs and dances around.”

Her final advice? “Long earrings will improve ALL outfits. I swear by them. Even on your darkest day when you may or may not be wearing your pyjamas, put Laura Eyles’ chain drop pearl earrings on with a pony tail and everyone will know you are in control!” 

      xMegan Morton - Lauren Trojkovic EarringsDrop Bar ring and pearl earrings

Megan Morton - Laura Eyles Ring

Megan Morton styling Yuko Fujita earrings

See Megan Morton’s curated collection on display at e.g.etal until 7th November, and shop the pieces online here