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Nature’s Essence & Enchantment Collection by Jeanette Dyke

This latest collection of rings by Jeanette Dyke explores her recent studies in ecology, soil health, geology and permaculture – an ode to nature’s beauty but without a leaf or flower in sight. Instead, Jeanette focuses on the ocean, earth and sun and all the other elements of nature that are oft forgotten. Read Jeanette’s musings on her beautiful new collection below:

Winter Ring - Jeanette Dyke

The Winter Ring 

Winter is a time when ice crystals form and dew drops sparkle. Mists swirl around the landscape and a flurry of snow dances, reminiscent of childhood snow domes. Winter is where bare branches and twigs lie on sleeping trees and sheets of smooth ice float on water. While buried deeply and safe underground, the jewels of life are lying dormant, waiting for the warmth of the sun and earth to softly awaken them into new life.


Sunset with Venus Ring - Jeanette Dyke

Sunset with Venus Rising Ring

Reminiscent of a warm summer’s night with glowing pink sunset. The sun gradually diminishing as it lowers in the sky. Twinkling above you is the first star of the night, Venus, the evening star. Venus shines so brightly that it is the first star to appear in the sky after the Sun sets, and the last to disappear before the Sun rises. And due to its bright shining appearance in the sky, this planet was named by the Romans after their goddess of love and beauty.


Sky with Weather Vane Ring - Jeanette Dyke
Blue Sky with Weather Vane Ring

This ring harks back to a time when we relied on weather vanes to help us predict the weather. It features a beautiful step cut 1.03ct Madagascan blue sapphire which represents the blue sky, and the pointed setting is reminiscent of these weather vanes, with the gemstone pointing into the direction of the wind. Sitting by its side is a small sparkling diamond representing a droplet of water, the rain.  A weather vane spins and points in the direction from which the wind is blowing and was used to predict the intensity of storms. Farmers used these weathervanes to gather information about prevailing winds in order to know how to plant their crops and ensure proper pollination of their fields. They were also able to predict changes in weather by understanding the weather patterns of their region. Winds blowing in from certain directions would bring hot winds or cold winds, storms and rain.


Anemone with Sea Foam Ring - Jeanette Dyke

Ocean Anemone with Seam Foam Ring

Taking you to the ocean; an essential component of our Earth’s ecosystem – a source of biodiversity, food, and life. Covering 70% of the earth’s surface, the ocean produces over half of the world’s oxygen and absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere, whilst also regulating our climate and weather patterns. Representing our oceans, this ring features a stunning 1.42ct Montana blue sapphire; the clear blue ocean, encapsulated in the tendrils of a sea anemone.  Whilst the diamond studded band represents sea foam glistening and sparkling under the summer suns.


Toi Et Moi Ring - Jeanette Dyke

Toi Et Moi Ring

Whilst studying ecology and the environment I came across a beautiful story, which is apparently true. A mother tree will care for its young sapling growing nearby by sending its roots growing in its direction. In hard times, the mother tree will pass essential nutrients and water to its young, ensuring its survival during the harsh conditions. This ring was made to honour this beautiful relationship between mother and child.


Woodland Toi Et Moi Ring - Jeanette Dyke

Woodland Toi Et Moi Ring

Each year I gather a harvest of wild mushrooms. The delicious fruiting bodies of the Saffron Milk Caps and Slippery Jacks, which can only be found growing in our pine forests. An edible seasonal treat, these mushrooms have a wonderful symbiotic relationship with these pine trees. The mycelia of these beneficial mushrooms colonize the root systems of the pine trees enabling the trees to thrive and grow faster. The Woodland ring features a beautiful 0.82ct rich pine green sapphire alongside its smaller sapling, the 0.025ct sapphire and dotted around the base are the little gold granules, representing the fruiting mushrooms.


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