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A message to our precious customers

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To our precious customers,

We understand the rising levels of anxiety at the moment.  We’re feeling it too. It’s hard to keep perspective when alarm bells are ringing all over the place and everything seems to be changing daily, if not hourly.

We want you to know:

We are reading up on this and listening to everything possible. No doubt you are as well. Impossible not to! We have stepped up our hygiene protocols significantly, including cleaning the gallery space several times a day. Our staff clean hands and jewellery before and after each consultation, and we have hand sanitiser all over the place. (Extra strong and homemade in house!) In the interests of your safety, we’ll minimise touch as much as possible.

We’ve decided to close the gallery on Mondays, and finish a little earlier on Fridays (at 6pm). All other opening hours remain the same. This temporary change will allow us to be a bit more flexible during uncertain times, to look after our staff, and to make adjustments as needed. Our staff will still be paid as per normal.

We’re following guidelines and staying on top of every development, ready to act. At the same time, it’s business as usual, pretty much, for now.

We’ll shut our doors if/when we have to and when it’s in everyone’s interests. But we will be doing everything we can to keep this business going, to keep our staff employed and to keep selling our artists’ work. We hope you can help us with this. Artists need our support in times like this. We still represent and support 65 incredible independent local artists who continue to work away at their benches, creating and designing works of uncommon beauty.

We still have a gallery of beautiful handmade pieces for you to look at, when you need an escape from the news and the worry.

Our online gallery is always there for you. There is a 21 day exchange period for anything bought online.

If you can’t come in and need help, just email us. We’ll be responding to your emails as quickly as we can and we will send things out the same day or next day.

We’re being mindful of our clients’ and community’s wellbeing during this time, but we’re determined to continue our mission. This is our time to support each other, and find beauty in the chaos.

– The e.g.etal team

New opening Hours
Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays – Fridays: 10am-6pm
Saturdays: 10am-5pm
Sundays: Closed