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Engagement & Wedding Rings

Discover a world of non-traditional and unique engagement rings you never knew existed.
When you buy a ring from e.g.etal, you’ll know the story behind it and the hands that made it, with personalised touches that make the ring feel truly yours.

E.g.etal’s collection of unique engagement rings, alternative weddings rings and contemporary bridal jewellery is carefully conceived – handmade by independent artists and designers.

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  • EnquireMarquise Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond RingMarquise Cut Salt & Pepper Diamond Ring
  • Radiant Star Ring - DiamondRadiant Star Ring - Diamond
  • Pink Diamond Shell Ring StackPink Diamond Shell Ring Stack
  • Custom OrderDew Blossom RingDew Blossom Ring
  • EnquireTogetherness Ring - Gold & DiamondTogetherness Ring - Gold & Diamond
  • EnquireBlue Angel Ring - Gold & SapphireBlue Angel Ring - Gold & Sapphire
  • Trilogy RingTrilogy Ring
  • Custom OrderDiamond Dreamweaver RingDiamond Dreamweaver Ring
  • Emerald Dreamweaver RingEmerald Dreamweaver Ring
  • Ruby Malabar Monarch RingRuby Malabar Monarch Ring
  • EnquireEternity Ring - White Gold & DiamondEternity Ring - White Gold & Diamond
  • Custom OrderNeru Ball Ring - Gold & DiamondsNeru Ball Ring - Gold & Diamonds
  • Neru Ring - GoldNeru Ring - Gold
  • Neru Grain Ring - Rose Gold & DiamondsNeru Grain Ring - Rose Gold & Diamonds
  • Carre Ring - White Gold & DiamondsCarre Ring - White Gold & Diamonds
  • EnquireDark Royal Blue Sapphire RingDark Royal Blue Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireTeal Hexagon Cut Sapphire RingTeal Hexagon Cut Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireYellow & Green Maroke Cut Sapphire RingYellow & Green Maroke Cut Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireTeal Round Cut Sapphire RingTeal Round Cut Sapphire Ring
  • Star Cut Teal Sapphire RingStar Cut Teal Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireTwo Tone Teal Sapphire RingTwo Tone Teal Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireCinnamon Apricot Sapphire RingCinnamon Apricot Sapphire Ring
  • Custom OrderElements Ring - Static BarElements Ring - Static Bar
  • Custom OrderBlack Diamond Slide RingBlack Diamond Slide Ring
  • Bouquet Royale Diamond RingBouquet Royale Diamond Ring
  • Stargazer Ring - Yellow Gold & DiamondStargazer Ring - Yellow Gold & Diamond
  • Pink Sapphire RingPink Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireOlive Green Sapphire RingOlive Green Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireMobius Ring - DiamondMobius Ring - Diamond
  • Solid Diamond Infinity Ring - Yellow GoldSolid Diamond Infinity Ring - Yellow Gold
  • Togetherness Ring - Sapphire & DiamondTogetherness Ring - Sapphire & Diamond
  • Gold & Tantalum Flat Profile RingGold & Tantalum Flat Profile Ring
  • Double White Diamond RingDouble White Diamond Ring
  • Deep Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire & Diamond RingDeep Blue Emerald Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring
  • Royal Eight Cut Sapphire RingRoyal Eight Cut Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireDark Green Double Sapphire RingDark Green Double Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireMedium Blue Stretched Hexagon Sapphire RingMedium Blue Stretched Hexagon Sapphire Ring
  • Double Diamond Ring - White GoldDouble Diamond Ring - White Gold
  • EnquireTeal Blue Double Sapphire RingTeal Blue Double Sapphire Ring
  • Round Diamond Ring - White GoldRound Diamond Ring - White Gold
  • Pale Teal Double Sapphire RingPale Teal Double Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireMustard Emerald Cut Sapphire RingMustard Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireEmerald Cut Cognac Sapphire RingEmerald Cut Cognac Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireTeal Double Large Sapphire RingTeal Double Large Sapphire Ring
  • Teal Oval Cut Sapphire & Diamond RingTeal Oval Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring
  • EnquireEmerald Cut Yellow & Blue Parti Sapphire RingEmerald Cut Yellow & Blue Parti Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireLong Emerald Cut Sapphire RingLong Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring
  • EnquireRound Cut Diamond RingRound Cut Diamond Ring