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The Ruby Collection : Amy Renshaw

Amy Renshaw - Goldring - Front - News

Amy Renshaw’s Grand Ruby ring

How have you, as a jeweller, changed over the last 15 years?

My designs and materials have changed over the last 15 years yet elements of my simple, refined design philosophy have remained constant. I am always exploring new materials and different ways to apply them, which is a continuous and evolving process. My skills and knowledge have grown, and I have refined techniques. The use of precious stones and materials are now my main focus.

You have been making jewellery for at least 15 years, what is it that keeps you motivated and inspired?

The love of making and working with my hands to create small objects.
Watching as a piece transforms from the initial design, through construction into the finished piece is very satisfying. It can be a very peacefully process, working quietly on a piece. Forming raw materials into an object that is to be worn and appreciated by the wearer is a wonderful thing and one I am very happy to spend my time doing.
Seeing a piece being worn and loved by someone else, especially when that piece represents a significant event or celebration is very rewarding.
I draw inspirations for all creative fields, but most particularly architecture, textile design and illustration. Inspiration often comes from unexpected places.

What has been your best “e.g.etal experience”?

The support e.g.etal has given me a designer is my best ‘e.g.etal’ experience. Showing my work in a beautiful environment that supports and nurtures contemporary jewellery and has maintained a high standard of design excellence and diversity. e.g.etal has supported and encouraged my evolving collection with a clear knowledge of my design intent.

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