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The Ruby Collection : Emma Goodsir

EGG873 - Driftring - Front - News

Emma Goodsir’s Drift ring

Has the Melbourne contemporary jewellery scene changed in the last 15 years?

Yes, I think it has definitely become more understood and accessible. When we first opened e.g.etal we had quite a few people coming in feeling sorry for us. They wondered how we would survive selling such unusual jewellery. Now, over the 15 years, I think this “unusual jewellery” has become much more accepted by a diverse range of people. Individual expression has become more widely spread in general and across all fields. I think the response to jewellery is to some degree, simply a part of that general trend. e.g.etal customers look for a piece of jewellery that makes a comment; either about them or some aspect of their life.

How have you as a jeweller changed over the last 15 years?

In some ways not all. I remember the first time (fifteen years ago) I spotted someone that I didn’t know personally wearing my jewellery. It was on a tram and I sat there so happy in the knowledge that a woman had chosen a pair of my earrings to wear out into the world that day. I still get that buzz when I spot my jewellery. In other ways my jewellery practice has had to adapt dramatically. The old catch-cry of never enough time…. Less time means I am more pragmatic. More experience means I am more confident to take risks.

You have been making jewellery for at least 15 years now – what is it that keeps you motivated and inspired?

I realised the other day that I love making things. Ha! That sounds ridiculously basic. But I actually can’t imagine committing huge chunks of time to something that didn’t result in a physical creation at the end. The satisfaction for me is producing something tangible which is considered and balanced. Whether it’s jewellery or a stone fire pit I am always making. It is absolutely when I feel the most happy. I enjoy the scale of jewellery and the fact that it is worn on our bodies and becomes a part of who we are. But I also find a balance by working on larger scale projects. This is something I am planning to grow in the future.

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