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The simplicity and subtlety of Jo Hawley’s silver pieces


Jo Hawley’s 8 piece necklace

Recent NMIT graduate Jo Hawley’s beautiful collection has arrived at the gallery. Jo’s sterling silver collection involves the integration of shape, form, line, contours and the play of light across the metal. Her work is about simplicity and subtlety – about allowing shapes and forms to speak for themselves without needing additional decoration and detail.

After completing a BA in Art History and English Literature at Auckland University, English-born Jo moved to Melbourne in 2000, and has been ensconced in her practice ever since. In 2012 she completed the Advance Diploma of Engineering Technology – Jewellery, at NMIT, where her work continued to delve into questions of proportion, scale and surfaces. This perception of simplicity and interior vs. exterior spaces resulted in Jo being awarded the e.g.etal Design and Development Award in the Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award.

Jo’s work is also currently exhibiting in Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria until 23 March 2014.

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