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Julia deVille new collection coming soon….

Can the voices of the living, be heard by the dead

Julia deVille is one of Australia’s most well known jewellery artists. She has exhibited in many major exhibitions around the worldwide. She is also represented in the permanent collections of MONA in Tasmania and the National Gallery of Victoria.

For this new collection of jewellery, Julia deVille is exploring large cushion and emerald cut stones, oversized rings and organically formed pearls.

The main focus of this collection will be large cluster dress rings, featuring mixtures of highly valuable stones like cognac diamonds and sapphires, mixed with larger stones like topaz and quartz.

The works showcase an exploration of more colourful gemstone combinations as well as developing some old favourites.

To match the new scale of work, the collection is also the largest collection Julia has produced.
In store from October 21.

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