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New Religion by Romy Mittelman

Jewellery artist Romy Mittelman has collaborated with illustrator Jennifer Hopper to create a series of powerful female Goddesses that reflect the challenges, aspirations and hopes of modern women.

‘New Religion’ unpacks the spirituality, joy and pressures women face as they struggle to pursue the elusive balance between work, family and self.

The range deifies the women of modern times; elevating the capable, multi-talented and multi-tasking heroines of the contemporary woman to the realm of the immortals. Provocative, impish and accomplished, these Goddesses reflect and empower the women who wear them.

Divine Mojo Pendant Necklace - Black - Romy Mittelman - Front

Divine Mojo
The triple breasted Goddess, Madam Mojo, has the head of a rabbit and the cloven hooves of a goat. In one hand she holds a tiny globe, a symbol of her guardianship over Earth and the human World. In the other hand she holds the Egg, the divine symbol of life and an eternal reminder of its fragile nature. The Divine Mojo reminds us that women have the power of the Universe at their fingertips. Adorning oneself with the symbol of the Divine Mojo brings forth the wearers own feminine power and creative possibilities – including the ability to attract whatever and whomever she chooses.

Goddess Of Protection Pendant Necklace - Sterling Silver And Gold Keum-Boo - Romy Mittelman - Front


Goddess of Protection
A hyena’s head identifies the Goddess of Protection as a dominant female with both the intellect and ability to protect herself against life’s vicissitudes. Her many hands hold all a woman requires to tackle the working week including money, a dagger (for emergencies only), a bell to ward off evil and the keys to open any emotional lock. She is always pictured seated and at rest, alert but not alarmed. The Serpent of Unseen Danger is her constant companion, detecting other ‘snakes in the grass’ should they approach. By wearing the Goddess of Protection one is able to activate one’s own self-protective powers in the home or at work – be that against passive aggressive people, incompetence or ridiculously high expectations.


High Priestess Of Managing It All Pendant Necklace - Yellow Gold And Sterling Silver Coin With Rubies - Romy Mittelman - Front

High Priestess of Managing it All
Represented by the hamster, the High Priestess of Managing it All articulates the challenges of many modern women. Balanced in tree pose, she holds aloft a keep cup, and in the other an open laptop. A baby is strapped to her chest and she is wearing ethically made activewear. The High Priestess of Managing it All sees and acknowledges all women of the world who have a never-ending to-do list. She reminds us that the balance we seek must start with ourselves and what we need to be happy. She offers strength and support in the face of unreasonable demands and her power can be accessed through the simple incantation of the word, ‘No’.

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