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  • Bouquet Necklace (Correa, Bark)Bouquet Necklace (Correa, Bark)
  • Custom OrderBouquet Necklace (Hakea, Eucalyptus)Bouquet Necklace (Hakea, Eucalyptus)
  • Custom OrderDouble Leaf Pendant - Silver & GoldDouble Leaf Pendant - Silver & Gold
  • Custom OrderTab neckpieceTab neckpiece
  • Custom OrderFlamed Ex Voto LocketFlamed Ex Voto Locket
  • Custom OrderGhost necklaceGhost necklace
  • Custom OrderFlamed Ex Voto pendantFlamed Ex Voto pendant
  • Black Sacred Heart locket/necklaceBlack Sacred Heart locket/necklace
  • Ex Voto LocketEx Voto Locket
  • Large Sacred Heart Necklace - RedLarge Sacred Heart Necklace - Red
  • Custom OrderSmall Sacred Heart locketSmall Sacred Heart locket
  • Custom OrderEx Voto locket necklaceEx Voto locket necklace
  • Banskia necklaceBanskia necklace
  • Custom OrderSolar pendant necklaceSolar pendant necklace
  • Custom OrderSun Disc neckpieceSun Disc neckpiece
  • Custom OrderBlack Daisy necklaceBlack Daisy necklace
  • Pear blossom and emerald leaf pendantPear blossom and emerald leaf pendant
  • EnquireAqua Amazonite double periwinkle necklaceAqua Amazonite double periwinkle necklace
  • Custom OrderLook necklaceLook necklace
  • Custom OrderCircles Neckpiece - Silver & GoldCircles Neckpiece - Silver & Gold
  • Organic Circles neckpieceOrganic Circles neckpiece
  • Custom OrderSketchbook Lines neckpieceSketchbook Lines neckpiece
  • Custom OrderGolden nights necklaceGolden nights necklace
  • Custom OrderDark Hearts neckpieceDark Hearts neckpiece
  • Custom OrderShibuichi neckpieceShibuichi neckpiece
  • Custom OrderSingle Leaf Pendant - Silver & GoldSingle Leaf Pendant - Silver & Gold
  • Custom OrderSmall circles neckpieceSmall circles neckpiece
  • Italy neckpieceItaly neckpiece
  • Custom OrderFour Crystal neckpieceFour Crystal neckpiece
  • Custom OrderGolden Nights drop necklaceGolden Nights drop necklace
  • Custom OrderBubble necklaceBubble necklace
  • Custom OrderBlue Cluster Glitter neckpieceBlue Cluster Glitter neckpiece
  • Custom OrderPeacock Sky necklacePeacock Sky necklace
  • Custom OrderBlossom necklaceBlossom necklace
  • Secret Kisses Neckpiece - Oxidised SilverSecret Kisses Neckpiece - Oxidised Silver
  • Custom OrderFlower pendantFlower pendant
  • Custom OrderA Little Look Necklace - pink, orange & greenA Little Look Necklace - pink, orange & green
  • Custom OrderTriangles neckpieceTriangles neckpiece
  • Custom OrderHalo necklaceHalo necklace
  • Custom OrderBlossom charms necklaceBlossom charms necklace
  • Pearlite necklacePearlite necklace
  • Custom OrderCentral Star necklaceCentral Star necklace
  • EnquireSkinny with Grey, Gold and Black necklaceSkinny with Grey, Gold and Black necklace
  • Custom OrderSecret Kisses Pendant NeckpieceSecret Kisses Pendant Neckpiece
  • Custom OrderLoose Clear Glass NeckpieceLoose Clear Glass Neckpiece
  • Custom OrderLoose Glass Neckpiece - RedLoose Glass Neckpiece - Red
  • Custom OrderScatter Necklace - Rubies & DiamondsScatter Necklace - Rubies & Diamonds
  • Amplify 3D necklaceAmplify 3D necklace