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the e.g.etal ring

One month ago we asked you to commission a ring. You answered six questions, which we then collated to form a brief. In response to this brief, 24 of our immensely talented artists submitted designs. We asked you to choose your favourite design, which we would commission as the first ring in our annual e.g.etal ring project. As such, we present this year’s ring:

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As the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth by Julia deVille
18ct yellow gold, Ceylon sapphires, yellow diamonds, cognac diamonds

Julia says of the ring, pictured above with stones waiting to be set, “For me I really took in the whole brief and interpreted it in my own jewellery language. In my mind, the brief describes this ring. My creative process is very organic and I try to use feeling and emotion instead of thought. This ring is a solar eclipse: the big dark blue Ceylon sapphire is the moon passing in front of the sun (the bright gold and sparkling ring). The viewer is the earth. I would love to make it in white gold as well, in which case it would be a lunar eclipse and the diamonds would be the stars and the Ceylon sapphire would be the shadow on the moon. This would be called ‘As the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon’.”

Thank you all for your overwhelming response to the e.g.etal ring project. Here at the gallery we fell in love with all the designs. Each is a unique interpretation of the brief that beautifully articulates the vision of the artist. We couldn’t allow such handsome designs to go unrealised. We’ve been in touch with a selection of the artists whose designs received an equally enthusiastic response. A selection of these pieces will be making their way into the gallery by Thursday 30 August.

Join us at the gallery on Friday 31 August between 5pm and 7pm for a glass of sparkling wine to view and toast the new e.g.etal ring and these other precious pieces. A selection of our other precious jewellery can be viewed online here.

Also, congratulations to Rachel Cameron, who was chosen at random as the recipient of the $250 e.g.etal gift voucher.

If you fell in love with one of these rings then be sure to visit the gallery or email us with your enquiry. All of these rings are now available to be ordered as designed or in different metals and with different stones.