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Welcome Back, Katherine Bowman

Katherine Bowman - Ring Stack Nov 2023

e.g.etal are delighted to announce the return of iconic Melbourne artist, Katherine Bowman, with her new collection of precious gold jewellery. The gallery’s relationship with Katherine spans back to the very earliest years of the e.g.etal, and on the 25th anniversary we are excited to welcome her latest treasure trove of work.

To celebrate her return, we speak to Katherine about her aesthetic and the things that influence and inspire her as a maker.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
My aesthetic is organic, the handmade nature of the processes that I use are accentuated and are an important element of the visual identity of my work. I suggest a sense of touch in my work as that is an invitation to the viewer to evoke an emotional response, be that of a memory or experience.

What made you want to become a jewellery artist? What led you to this point in your career?
I have always loved making things. I initially taught myself how to make jewellery and then got to a stage where I needed more technical skills, so I applied for Gold & Silversmithing at RMIT in 1996 and was accepted. In my practice, I work with many different materials; however, I am constantly drawn back to working with metal as it is a material that I understand and have an affinity with. My first degree was a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University, which laid a foundation for my practice in that I start with research when I am making. This approach to making has been a constant with me in making jewellery, I explore ideas and concepts through the creation of the jewellery work.

What influences you and inspires you?
Many things influence and inspire me. The history of art, textiles, music and people are a constant source of inspiration to me.

How do you approach making new work?
I usually start by researching a subject that relates to what I intend to make. I then spend time drawing and sketching my ideas. I will also make models to work out scale and form. The drawing stage is the most important to me creatively as I translate the drawings directly into metal.

What are your favourite materials to work with and why?
When making jewellery, I am drawn to gold and silver as they are beautiful materials to work with. Gold has a lustre, unlike any other material that I have worked with. The experience of working with it for many years, I understand why it was so revered in ancient cultures.

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Katherine Bowman