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From our clients …

Outstanding and unique contemporary jewellery: I’ve had many successful jewellery acquisitions from e.g.etal on Flinders Lane. As they showcase dozens of talented, specialist artists, there’s something for everyone and every occasion here. The staff have a their own talent of taking what you know you want, mixing it with what they know and what you might want to make sure you walk out with something that you did want.” – Alister

e.g.etal is a Melbourne institution. If you haven’t visited this store before and you love beautifully designed high quality jewellery then you are missing out.” – Emma

Such a hidden gem! The range of jewelry is truly unique and special. The different artists produce such amazing and varied work, the hardest part is picking which piece to purchase … The customer service I received from e.g.etal was first class.” – Gemma

“e.g.etal is a one of a kind jewellery gallery. It has such unique & beautifully crafted pieces, it is hard to look elsewhere! My husband & I have shopped online & in person over the years & every time we experience such lovely care & attention from the lovely team. Many Thanks, we will be back!” – Debra

“I wanted to thank your staff for the fantastic experience I had at your store. Not only is the selection wonderful, but the staff were super helpful and friendly, making the somewhat daunting task of selection a whole lot easier. I have no doubt I will be visiting your store again in the future and recommending it far and wide.” – David

“I had not even thought of getting a ring specially made for me by a local designer, until a friend suggested e.g.etal. As soon as I walked down the stairs I knew I was in the right place. The range of independent designers and their jewellery is fantastic. Every step of the process was an absolute pleasure. A huge thank you to the gorgeous gallery staff for helping me choose, and have made, a ring that I will admire for all my days!” – Tracey

“Every year for the last seven years my son and I have bought my wife a Christmas present from e.g.etal. This year I almost considered breaking with tradition. ‘How much jewellery can a woman have?’, is what I was thinking. Well, I still don’t know the answer to that.  My son and I found a necklace on your online store and it was our ‘best ever’. Thank you for answering our queries so helpfully and for the prompt delivery. Whew!” – Richard

From the media & the arts community …

“e.g.etal has provided this incredible platform for hundreds of artists to showcase their talents and their products, and from this very place they have been able to propel their own businesses and their own careers as successful artists in their own right. That legacy and that success has many other wonderful ripple effects right across the community here in Melbourne.”
– Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Sally Capp.

” e.g.etal has certainly made a lasting impact in the history of Melbourne art and design.” – The Design Files

“If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of jewellery from e.g.etal, you’ll understand that this store is more than a place to buy something – it’s a gallery showcasing the work of local artists. The fact that you can buy their art and wear it almost seems like a bonus.” – Justine Costigan, The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

“Since 1998 e.g.etal have been supplying Melbourne with Australian and New Zealand made contemporary jewellery and craft. They provide the avant-garde and creative with original pieces that are handmade and authentically original. ” – Broadsheet

“e.g.etal customers are ‘people who are looking for a piece of jewellery that has meaning, a story, that has a quality that resonates with them.’” – The Weekly Review,

“If you’re looking for exquisite personal experience, then e.g.etal is the place just for you. They quote a wonderful line even on their website which says, ‘Jewellery can define our identity in a fragmented world, it can anchor us with reassuring traditions.” They follow these lines and hence they provide some of the best engagement rings available in Melbourne. If you’re in a dire need of fancy engagement rings then, believe me, e.g.etal is the place where you will get suffice.” – DIY Bride.

“The existence of e.g.etal in Melbourne is one thing, for a visitor, which sets the city apart from other cities… This alone, even, means that any serious collector of contemporary jewellery, whether Australian or from abroad, will inevitably at some stage purchase from e.g.etal, and I can truthfully state that e.g.etal is one of a number of attractions which causes me to visit Melbourne with regularity.” – Truus Daalder, collector and author of Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment, published by Macmillan Art.

“Beyond their incredible collection and support for contemporary artists, lies an unparalleled company clearly driven by passion and committed to surpassing their clients’ expectations. In my opinion a trip to Melbourne, is not a trip unless e.g.etal is on the to-do list. I recently found myself travelling from Brisbane to Melbourne on a day trip with the sole purpose to view one of the local designers they house. As always, the in-house service they provided was excellent, yet it was also the continuation of this service after I left Melbourne that cemented my high regard for the company.” – Hannah Waring, BASE Architecture, Brisbane, Australia