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Decade of Dedication Award

Decade of dedication

e.g.etal is now into it’s second decade. That first 10 years seems like such a significant anniversary in a life-cycle. Recently there has been opportunity to reflect over those years. So much has happened! We have also noticed that we are now helping the next generation to buy beautiful pieces of jewellery. Recently a long-time customer of ours bought his son in to buy a piece of jewellery for the son’s girlfriend. How sweet is that?

Over these years we have represented many artists. And there are a few who have been with us for the whole 10 years. We decided this was definitely cause for celebration. As an artist there is no long-service leave, golden handshakes, gold watches and even public recognition can be hard to come by. In light of this, e.g.etal organised Christmas drinks for all our artists and the presentation of our Decade of Dedication Award to the four artists who have been with us for 10 years: Anna Davern, Camilla Gough, Nicky Hepburn and Amy Renshaw.

As contemporary jewellery designers, we work in a very small, niche, sometimes obscure, field. We use ancient and traditional techniques to create contemporary concepts in materials which range from society’s recycled cast-offs to global commodities such as gold. Yes, you could call it obscure at times. Yet it is a field that e.g.etal is committed to keeping alive. And thriving. And thankfully we have some very committed artists who continue to inspire us on a daily basis. People who fan the flame of dying traditions  and who make valuable contributions to our cultural psyche.

As a tribute to these artists we began our annual Decade of Dedication Award program.  This year each recipient received a bottle of French champagne with strict instructions to celebrate this significant milestone with a group of friends. And to make sure they did we gave them each a voucher to one of Melbourne’s finest restaurants.