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Figment - 3 - News

Early in the development of the project when discussing with the artists their responses to the original FIGMENT brief, it became clear that the preciousness of this collection of work ultimately lay in the rigorous and reflective process that preceded their finished form. As a result, the traditional ‘glass case’ display method of showcasing contemporary jewellery was challenged and inverted in order to foreground the ideology behind the work and communicate it as being as important as the objects themselves.
A compressed white ‘envelope’ was built to mark a transition from the retail environment of the main space to the installation. Within this space, the works were placed on twenty ‘found’ projectors, which were mounted on simple, white plinths of varying heights. Lit and glowing from beneath, the objects, drawings and their projected variations created a highly immersive environment of light and scale that aspired to communicate and objectify the artists’ process as well as the end object.

Fleur Watson, FIGMENT Curator

Figment - 5 - News

FIGMENT was launched on 18th March, 2010 by e.g.etal Director, Emma Goodsir and curator, Fleur Watson. Fleur Watson from Something Together with AnneLaure Cavigneaux, Rodney Eggleston and the team from March Studio developed the concept for FIGMENT in response to the brief given by e.g.etal Director, Emma Goodsir.

A selection of works:

Egetal - Anna Davern - 15021 - News

Anna Davern

Egetal - Jessica Morrison - 15021 - News

Jessica Morrison

Egetal - Karla Way - 15022 - New

Karla Way

Egetal - Katherine Wheeler - 15021 - News

Katherine Wheeler

Egetal - Michaela Bruton - 15021 - News

Michaela Bruton

Egetal - Natalia Milosz-Pierkaska - 15021 - News

Natalia Milosz-Piekarska