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What to see at Radiant Pavilion 2017


Melbourne’s bi-annual contemporary jewellery trail, Radiant Pavilion, is about to take the city by storm.

From 26 August to 3 September, contemporary jewellers will take over galleries, studios, windows and spaces around Melbourne to celebrate the art form. With its strong community of makers and highly-regarded educational opportunities, Melbourne has an international reputation as a contemporary jewellery hub. Radiant Pavilion showcases this vibrant community with a curated program of installations, exhibitions, talks, workshops and open studios.

In its 19 year history, e.g.etal has been a driving force in Melbourne’s creative scene – supporting and mentoring contemporary jewellery artists, and curating an exciting and ever-evolving collection of wearable art for jewellery enthusiasts to enjoy. In 2015, Radiant Pavilion’s inaugural year, we played host to Anna Davern’s Golden Lands of the Sunny South – an interactive diorama that won the festival’s People Choice Awards, and also went on to win Anna the prestigious Craft Victoria 2017 Award for Innovation.

This year, e.g.etal presents two exhibitions as part of Radiant Pavilion, including an installation at Adelphi Hotel, Talismans for Travel, and a collaborative metal and ceramic jewellery exhibition, Dancing Together by Jane Frances Reilly and Prue Venables. Both exhibit from 21 August – 2 September, 2017.

Check out the program and add a few events to your diary – this is Melbourne’s jewellery scene at its best!

(Pictured above: Albatross neckpiece by Liv Boyle)

Our top picks for Radiant Pavilion 2017

Replica Replica is a collaboration between Melbourne jewellers Maria Natoli and Anita Crowther. Focusing on concepts of replication, imitation and inherent material value, they have produced a collection of pieces that reimagine Georgian paste jewellery with a subversive modern twist.

Open Studio: Fivetwelve. Established in June 2016 by Michelle Cangiano and Rhys Turner, Fivetwelve is a contemporary jewellery studio located on the fifth floor of the iconic Century building in the heart of Melbourne. This open studio is an opportunity to venture up into this beautiful space and see how a jewellery studio runs. Meet the resident makers, have a chat, and view a collaborative exhibition by the co-founders.

New Colony is a public installation playing out an imagined evolutionary scenario. A swarm of unidentified insects take up residence on the façade of Workshop 3000. Something like flies, something like krill, little is known about this recently discovered deviant species. This latest body of work from Liv Boyle continues her experimental approach in transforming common plastic waste into something meaningful.

Left and Right. Earrings ranging from the challenging to the discreet, found object to precious gem, conventional to the surprising, pairs, non-matched, odd & single earrings. Studio Ingot will present 100 pairs of earrings in a survey of styles, materials and solutions.

Shared Concerns is an exhibition documenting the meeting of a group of artists, brought together to work in the Penland studios in the mountains of North Carolina. As a group they shared the intimate ‘concerns’ of their practice, and each has created a small suite of works that interprets the ‘concern’ of another group member.

Daehoon Kang and Joungmee Do’s combined exhibition Object & Jewellery presents a body of contemporary silversmithing, metalwork and jewellery that illustrates the distinctive and exceptional hybrid qualities that emerge from a combination of eastern and western training.

Anything imagined can be worn / how to wear it! There is a lack of understanding and confidence with how contemporary art jewellery can be worn and placed on the body. This exhibition will draw upon together a group of Australian and International artists which will push the boundary to show the diversity of how contemporary jewellery is worn and placed.

The trees have names. This solo exhibition by Vicki Mason seeks to remind us of the interconnectedness of all things by looking more carefully at the trees that inhabit our urban streets, parks, gardens and open spaces.

Steel Lives presents jewellery and objects by Jin ah Jo (South Korea/Australia) and Inari Kiuru (Finland/Australia). Jo and Kiuru–makers, mothers and migrants born in the same month of the same year–are also drawn together by their love of the same material. The title Steel Lives refers to the artists’ shared life experiences and to the exhibition design playing with the idea of still life.

Talismans for Travel. A talisman can be any object that we inscribe with the power to affect our emotions or surroundings. This exhibition will explore the ways in which contemporary jewellery can give physical and artistic expression to the ubiquitous desire for safe passage and a sense of place, in the pursuit of new worlds.

Dancing Together. Engrossed in a vital life affirming need to make, Jane Frances Reilly and Prue Venables present collaborative works across the fields of metal and ceramics. Objects of function envelop the activities of daily life, sometimes noticed and celebrated, sometimes lurking and almost invisible.

Island Welcome is a group exhibition exploring contemporary jewellery as a gesture of greeting. Inspired by the respectful ceremonial honouring of a welcome garland found in many traditional island cultures.

Pieces of Place. The Hoffman Brickworks was established in 1870 on Albert Street, Brunswick. The works produced many of the bricks used in buildings around inner Melbourne in the housing boom of that period. Using the Hoffman brick as a point of enquiry, six artists responded to this as a found urban artifact.