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The (exhibition) year in review…

Looking back at the breadth and depth of work produced for our exhibition program this year is staggering. Over the course of nine months we have presented nine exhibitions by outstanding contemporary jewellers.

Hero - Resized

Giovanni Esteban del Monserrat began the program with his beautiful hand beaten pieces, drawing inspiration from time spent in Central America. Romy Mittelman created a beautiful array of work by recycling the detritus of modern life, making us think twice about the discarded objects we pass everyday. Vikki Kassioras drew inspiration from an ancient poem to produce an ethereal body of work; twelve pairs of earrings that evoked the lyrical beauty of The Epic of Gilgamesh. Joungmee Do referred to Korean folklore in her creations, a body of work displaying intricate detail in prolific quantities. The program included our first guest international artist, Liisa Hashimoto, whose creations drew from nature and breathed beauty and hope. Cinnamon Lee gave us a series of rings that melded traditional techniques and cutting edge technology, making us question the nature of intimacy in jewellery. Daehoon Kang showed us his skills as a true master craftsman, with technical excellence and a wry sense of humour. Kathryn Wardill presented us with a body of work, which was cathartic, brave and symbolic, both personal and universal. Finally in November, Vicki Mason showed her Masters work, which was the culmination of four years of study, resulting in a series that is technically and conceptually spectacular.


‘Quetzal’ by Giovanni Esteban del Monserrat


‘Precious Debris’ by Romy Mittelman


‘Life of Long Days’ by Vikki Kassioras

JD - Resized

‘Longevity’ by Joungmee Do


‘Mebae – Red Sprout’ by Liisa Hashimoto


‘Covert Jewels’ by Cinnamon Lee


‘Jang Dok Dae (The Condiments Bay)’ by Daehoon Kang


‘Adversity’ by Kathryn Wardill

VM - Resized

‘Botanical Fictions’ by Vicki Mason

We would like to thank all these artists for their superb creations and we look forward to sharing what 2012 holds…