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Rarer Than Diamonds

Katherine Bowman Ring - Diamonds Exhibition
‘My Relic’ ring by Katherine Bowman

Exhibition dates: 31 Oct – 12 Nov, 2106
Launch: Friday 4 Nov, 5-7pm


There are stones rarer, more precious, even arguably more beautiful. And yet diamonds still pull us in, hypnotically. Savvy marketing has convinced us that a perfectly clear, clinically white, glittering diamond is the ultimate in luxury. But why? A diamond’s ‘flaws’ are its unique fingerprint. They are remnants of the incredible forces of nature, over millions of years, that created the stone. Tiny traces of other minerals found in a gemstone can give clues to its origin, and can unlock the secrets of pre-history, revealing the movement of continents billions of years ago.

For the ‘Rarer than Diamonds’ exhibition at e.g.etal, our artists have designed jewellery that celebrates the incredible natural formation that is a diamond, in all and any of its forms: from traditional brilliant white to black, brown, uncut, reclaimed, icy, and other unusual variations.

By revaluating what constitutes beauty and preciousness, we can begin to embrace stones that were once considered valueless. Whether examining the marble-like black and white threads that run through a salt-and-pepper diamond, or admiring the frosty, diffused glow of an opaque ‘icy’ diamond.

For this exhibition, each artist has created something of uncommon beauty: a piece that gives a sense of rarity to the most ubiquitous of stones.

Featuring work by Welfe Bowyer, Katherine Bowman, Julia deVille, Emma Goodsir, Sarah Heyward, Vikki Kassioras, Katheryn Leopoldseder, Romy Mittelman, Amy Renshaw, Claire Taylor, Kathryn Wardill and Suzi Zutic.

Diamonds Exhibition - Welfe Bowyer - Octahedron Ring
‘Octahedron’ Argyle Diamond ring by Welfe Bowyer
Diamonds Exhibition - Kathryn Wardill
‘Coral Garden’ rings by Kathryn Wardill
Katheryn Leopoldseder Radiant Star ring and stud earrings
‘Radiant Star’ ring and earrings by Katheryn Leopoldseder
Galaxy Rings by Sarah Heyward
‘Galaxy’ rings by Sarah Heyward

“Mineral inclusions encapsulated in diamonds are the oldest, deepest, and most pristine samples of Earth’s mantle.”
-Science magazine