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Anne Van der Auwera

AVD - Anne Van Der Auwera - Artist - Photo

Originally from Belgium, Anne Van der Auwera is a contemporary jeweller, designer and artist.

With a background in architecture, Anne has long been interested in each facet of the design process, from the first concept drawing to completion. Anne ensures each piece engages her full attention during the making process, producing a sense of playfulness and freedom, devoid of repetition. Her work is the embodiment of improvisation: always remaining adventurous, raucous and new. Her jewellery pieces are one-offs, infused with a bespoke story or lifeline, each one forging new ideas and creative possibilities. Anne’s jewellery is designed for all the senses, featuring heavy textures and striking shapes. Her pieces are rough and raw, and at all times a fervent reflection of the artist.

After moving to Melbourne to pursue architectural work, Anne rekindled her passion for jewellery making, undertaking an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design at Melbourne Polytechnic. Currently based in Europe, Anne’s nomadic lifestyle enables Anne to work from a number of studios scattered around the world, allowing a sense of joy in her work.