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Rachel Laura Gorman

Rachel Laura GormanRachel Gorman’s jewellery draws inspiration from the natural world, particularly plants and floral motifs. The concept of ‘the garden’ underpins her work; not only as a space of visual stimuli but as a broader metaphor for the complexities of existence – the cycles of life and death, of beauty and decay. Rachel feels a quiet but persistent desire to create small objects that reflect the experiences one has in nature – the contemplations and revelations, the intricate patterns and details witnessed, the feelings evoked while staring up at the moon, the romance of picking a flower. She see this as a kind of meditation, a way to appreciate the beauty that exists, but also a way of acknowledging darkness, grief and sadness. The process of making becomes a bittersweet dialogue that honours what was, is loved, and lost.

Rachel completed a Bachelor of Gold & Silversmithing at RMIT and a Certificate 2 in Floristry at NMIT. She has worked at Arts Project Australia as an Arts and Studio facilitator and in recent years has worked for florists including Cecilia Fox Florist and currently Flowers Vasette. Rachel launched her jewellery & floral business 2014 & works from a private studio in Melbourne’s CBD.

Jewellery by Rachel Laura Gorman